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Developed engineering leadership growth solution.

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Ace: The AI Co-Pilot Tool for Engineering Leadership


Ace is an AI co-pilot tool that revolutionizes engineering leadership by offering a range of benefits for both managers and developers:

– Automates mentorship, growth, and feedback in dev teams, reducing monotonous tasks and preventing burnout.
– Provides features like skill matrix, OKRs, meetings, tests, surveys, blog, webinars, and community.
– Identifies strengths and areas for improvement, recommending mentors and materials for skill development.
– Notifies managers about potential burnouts and facilitates addressing them with the team.
– Helps identify potential candidates for promotion and high performers based on career paths and goals.
– Tracks time spent in meetings versus coding and provides recommendations for optimizing the balance.
– Offers insights on productivity improvement, including adding mentor sessions and courses.
– Updates growth plans based on reviews, feedback, and business goals with curated knowledge base.

Ace empowers engineering leaders to automate people growth and enhance team performance, all while retaining top talent. πŸŒŸπŸ“šπŸ’Ό

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