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Chatbot platform for messaging apps.

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The AI Bot: Building Powerful AI Chatbots Made Easy

The AI Bot is a revolutionary low-code platform that empowers users to effortlessly build AI chatbots for a seamless customer experience across popular messaging apps. Here’s what makes it exceptional:

✨ Easy Integration: Connect your bot effortlessly with WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS, MMS, and Telegram for a wider reach.
✨ No Coding Required: Start building bots without any coding experience thanks to the power of low-code technology.
✨ Versatile Functionality: Customize your bot’s features with image and voice capabilities, and efficiently manage data with Table UI and Cloud Functions.
✨ Instant Templates: Access a variety of pre-built templates with ready-to-use integrations, saving you time and effort.
✨ Collaborative Environment: Invite team members to collaborate on Rowy, the platform that facilitates workflow management with granular access controls.
✨ Secure and Protected: Rest easy knowing that your data, API keys, and cloud functions are securely stored on your personal Google Cloud project.

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