Airtable Hint GPT

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Assisted creation of Airtable formulas with prompts.

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Airtable Hint GPT Chrome Extension: Compose Formulas with AI Support

The Airtable Hint GPT Chrome extension, a third-party tool, assists users in formulating Airtable formulas with the power of AI technology. Here’s what you need to know:

1. How it works:
– The extension utilizes Open AI’s GPT language model to generate human-like text based on prompts.
– It improves users’ efficiency by providing guidance in creating Airtable formulas, from start to finish.
– Both beginners and experts can benefit from this tool.

2. Installation:
– Download the extension from the provided link and install it in Chrome.
– After installation, a button will appear inside the formula field, allowing users to input instructions and receive the resulting formula.

3. Completion Modes:
– ChatGPT-based completions: More detailed and elaborate suggestions.
– Regular GPT completions: Shorter suggestions.

4. Key advantages:
– Simplifies complex nested IF statements, saving time when modifying variables.
– Helps in refactoring formulas from IF to SWITCH.

5. Additional information:
– Extension source code is publicly available on GitHub for contributions.
– A demo video is provided to demonstrate the usage of ChatGPT formula suggestions with Airtable Hint GPT Chrome extension.

🔗 Download Link: [Extension Download](
👥 Open AI Account and Airtable Account required.

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