Short description

AKME provides knowledge on artificial intelligence.

Long description

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Based on the text provided, it is difficult to determine what AKME – AI Knowledge is or what it does. The text seems to be a list of links to different Apple products and stores, including the App Store where AKME – AI Knowledge can be downloaded. However, there is no information given on the app’s functionalities or purpose.

Therefore, it is not possible to write an objective, insightful, and precise description of the tool based on the given text. More information is needed to understand what AKME – AI Knowledge is and how it works. It is possible that the tool provides users with knowledge of artificial intelligence, given its name. However, this cannot be confirmed based on the text provided.

In order to write an informative and comprehensive description for the AI directory, it is recommended to conduct further research on AKME – AI Knowledge and gather additional information. This may include:

– Reading reviews and ratings from other users
– Downloading and testing the app
– Searching for more details on the developer’s website

By gathering more information on the app, a precise and informative description can be provided to potential users on the directory.

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