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Data-driven product analytics and decision support.

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Amplitude AI: Enhancing Product Development and Data-Driven Decision-Making

✨ Amplitude AI is a comprehensive suite of AI-powered features designed to enhance every aspect of building products.

✨ Gain valuable analytics insights to understand the full user journey and deliver personalized experiences.

✨ Analyze and optimize your products at scale with the platform’s analytics capabilities.

✨ Seamlessly connect Amplitude with other external platforms through integrations with hundreds of partners.

✨ Ensure complete and trustworthy data with data management features, enabling confident data-driven decisions.

✨ Unify data across teams with the customer data platform, promoting collaboration and a holistic view of the customer.

🌍 Tailored solutions available for various industries, including financial services, B2B, media, healthcare, and ecommerce.

📈 Support for different use cases, such as growing active users, increasing customer lifetime value, and accelerating monetization.

💡 Access resources like thought leadership blogs, a glossary, a community platform, events, a help center, a developer hub, and an academy.

Amplitude AI: Empower your business with deeper customer understanding, enhanced product experiences, and data-driven growth.

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The AI you need, exactly when you need it.

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