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Integrating ChatGPT into macOS text fields.

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Introducing AnyGPT: Seamlessly Integrate ChatGPT into macOS Applications 👩‍💻

✅ AnyGPT is an essential tool for macOS, allowing users to effortlessly integrate ChatGPT, an advanced conversational AI model developed by OpenAI, into any application on their computer.

✅ With AnyGPT, accessing ChatGPT’s capabilities within your preferred macOS applications is as simple as entering “GPT:” followed by your desired prompt and pressing shift+enter.

✅ Whether you’re using a messaging app, note-taking application, or any other text-based platform, AnyGPT enables you to enjoy ChatGPT’s power directly within your workflow.

✅ To use AnyGPT, you’ll need an active paid OpenAI plan and an OpenAI API key, available through the OpenAI platform. Compatibility extends to macOS 12.0 and above.

✅ AnyGPT empowers you to engage in natural language conversations, receive informative responses, and generate text-based content—all without the hassle of switching between platforms.

✅ Privacy is of utmost importance with AnyGPT, and we encourage users to review our comprehensive privacy policy for added peace of mind.

🔐 Developed by Tanmay (@tanmays on Twitter), all rights are reserved. Enhance your productivity effortlessly with AnyGPT’s intuitive and integrated AI experience.

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