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Armchair: Your AI Copilot for Side Hustles

Armchair is an AI copilot designed to help you choose and launch the perfect side hustle or business idea. Here’s how it works:

🔍 **Choose:** Armchair provides free side hustle ideas tailored to your background, skills, experiences, and interests. This increases your chances of success by aligning the ideas with who you are.

🤖 **Validate:** Armchair uses AI to internally validate your side hustle, giving you more confidence that you’re on the right track. It takes into account your industry experience and objectives, ensuring you avoid pursuing the wrong idea.

✅ **Tailored Suggestions:** By answering a series of questions, Armchair AI provides you with personalized business suggestions suited for different stages of entrepreneurship. It cuts through marketing jargon and buzzwords to give you precise and effective recommendations.

Armchair is your go-to AI tool for finding and launching the side hustle or business idea that matches your unique skills and passions.

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The AI you need, exactly when you need it.

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