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Automatically names Figma design layers.

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Figma Autoname: Automate Design Layer Renaming with AI 🎨

✨ Figma Autoname is an incredible Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that revolutionizes the way designers work! With just one click, you can say goodbye to the tedious task of manually renaming design layers.

🤖 This powerful plugin is smart enough to automatically detect and prevent the renaming of components and instances layers. This ensures that you maintain the integrity of your Figma project while saving valuable time.

🆓 Figma Autoname is completely free and open-source, released under the MIT License. Powered by the lightning-fast Svelte framework, it guarantees speed and efficiency.

⭐️ Thousands of designers, like Edgar Navarro, Charles Patterson, and Vitaly Friedman, have raved about the time-saving and efficiency benefits of Figma Autoname.

🎉 Download this game-changing plugin now from the Figma Community website and unleash the full potential of your design workflow! Sponsored by Hugging Face.

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