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Insights and analysis from live data.

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Babel Street: Discover, Decipher, Uncover

Babel Street is a powerful data-to-knowledge platform that offers real-time insights for users. Here’s what sets it apart:

– Babel X: Analyze and optimize time-consuming processes.
– Babel Synthesis: Map unknown relationships and key influencers.
– Babel Channels: Curate real-time feeds of emerging situations.
– Babel OASIS: Optimize manual processes.

– Rosette technology: Match, identify, discover, and understand multilingual text.
– Extensive data: Processed in over 200 languages.
– AI-enabled: Patented linguistics technology with end-to-end automation.

– Global situational awareness.
– Cyber security and insider threat detection.
– Business continuity and supply chain risk management.

Why choose Babel Street:
– Cross-lingual capabilities to remove language barriers.
– Multi-lingual persistent search for actionable insights.
– Access to a comprehensive range of digital sources.

Trusted by:
– Fortune 5000 companies, Department of Defense, and Public Sectors.
– Law enforcement tool for targeted operations and addressing violence and recruitment issues.


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The AI you need, exactly when you need it.

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