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Build chatbots for customer support websites.

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Bubbly: AI-Powered Support Tool for Businesses


– Bubbly is an AI tool that enables users to create a virtual assistant for their product or service easily.
– Users can integrate a GPT3 AI Bot onto their website or internal dashboard through Bubbly.
– The AI-powered support provided by Bubbly can reduce customer ticket volume by up to 30% within just a week.
– To get started, users need to provide their website’s URL and select the pages for the assistant to learn from.
– Bubbly instantly creates the AI Bot that can answer questions related to the users’ product or service.
– Integration is simple, requiring only a single line of JavaScript to be copied and pasted.
– Personalization options are available to tailor the AI Bot as per users’ needs.
– Multiple bots can be created within Bubbly to cater to different requirements.
– Bubbly offers two plans, Starter and Professional, with varying features and pricing tiers.

In summary, Bubbly is the ideal AI-powered support tool for businesses, reducing customer ticket volume and providing quick, efficient support through a virtual assistant integrated into their website or internal dashboard. πŸ€–πŸ’Όβœ…

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