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Automated banking operations and customer support.

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Cascading AI: Automating Banking Processes with Advanced AI

Cascading AI is a powerful tool that uses advanced AI capabilities to automate manual banking processes, offering numerous benefits for financial institutions. Here’s what it brings to the table:

Loan Application and KYC/KYB Procedures:
• AI agents communicate with customers, collecting necessary documents for loan applications and compliance procedures.
• Facilitates document analysis and resolution of discrepancies.
• Increases conversion rates and saves time spent on manual customer communication.

Customer Service Support:
• AI agents cluster complaints, understand concerns, and generate responses based on bank policies and information.
• Improves customer satisfaction with rapid responses and reduces support costs.

Back-Office Automation:
• Automates tasks such as payments exception handling and securities settlement.
• AI agents navigate banking systems, gather information, make recommendations, and analyze non-STP exceptions.
• Increases STP rates and reduces manual efforts.

Other Advantages:
• Works seamlessly with leading core banking systems and technology providers.
• No need to build custom interfaces or infrastructure from scratch.
• Backed by solid funding and top talent from Stanford University.
• Waitlist available for exploring the tool’s potential in various AI use cases.


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