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Integrated natural language processing for developers.

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Introducing Chariot: Bringing Natural Language Capabilities to Developers

Chariot is an API tool designed to simplify the integration of natural language capabilities into both new and existing applications. 🚀 With support for models like GPT 3.5 and GPT-4, Chariot streamlines the process of building language models, facilitating seamless integration into various applications.

Key Features:
– Model configuration
– Text and file embedding
– Streaming completions
– Conversation management

– Automated chunking, embedding, and storage functionalities for text, files, and URLs
– Data retrieval, custom prompts, and API calls made easier
– Efficient conversation handling (storage, retrieval, moderation)
– Smooth user experience via seamless message streaming from the server

– Free option with limited daily messages and data usage
– Starter plan with more messages and data
– Professional plan with unlimited messaging, data, and round-the-clock support

Chariot empowers developers by offering a user-friendly interface that saves time and effort when integrating powerful natural language capabilities into their applications. 💪💻

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