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Personalized English lessons and exercises app.

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EngGPT: Improve Your English with AI 🌟

EngGPT is a powerful mobile app that utilizes AI language models to enhance your English language skills. With personalized features and engaging experiences, this app is perfect for learners of all levels. Here’s what you can expect:

– πŸ’¬ ChatGPT: Practice your language skills through interactive conversations
– ✍️ Translate: Instantly translate text to and from English
– πŸ” Grammar: Learn grammar rules and get detailed explanations
– βœ”οΈ Correct: Receive real-time feedback and corrections
– πŸ“ Mark: Highlight important vocabulary and grammar points
– πŸ’‘ Suggestion: Get suggestions to improve your writing

– πŸ“š Interactive lessons and exercises tailored to your needs
– ⏱️ Learn at your own pace with AI-based feedback
– 🎨 Enhanced UI/UX for a seamless learning experience
– ⚑ Faster response times compared to free options
– πŸ”’ Strong privacy measures, no data sharing or collection
– πŸ“² Regular updates with new features and improvements

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