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Automated document sorting and retrieval assistant.

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🤖 Introducing ChattyDocs: Your AI-Powered Document Assistant 📚

Experience a whole new way of interacting with your documents with ChattyDocs! Our AI-powered tool revolutionizes document management by allowing you to chat with your documents, PDFs, text files, and even websites. Here’s why ChattyDocs is a must-have tool for you:

✅ Say goodbye to boring document reading! 📖 Query for information and let our AI assistant provide relevant answers from the document’s content.

✅ Manage datasets effortlessly! 🗂️ Create, organize, and chat with the datasets you’ve created, with instant AI-powered responses.

✅Data management made easy! 💼 Organize documents using datasets, add or remove them anytime, and create public datasets to share via a link.

✅Enhanced integration options! 🤝 Create a Telegram bot for seamless Q&A sessions using your dataset or utilize our GraphQL API for powerful data providers.

✅Both desktop and mobile-friendly! 💻📱 Access ChattyDocs from anywhere, anytime, and easily upload files or website links.

✅Track your usage! 📊 Monitor data consumption from your subscription quota effortlessly.

Streamline your document processing with ChattyDocs and let AI lighten your workload! Get started today! 🚀

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