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Maintains voices in multi-lingual podcast translation.

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CloneDub: Translate Audio Content Seamlessly with AI Voice Cloning

🌐 CloneDub is an AI tool that translates podcasts and audio into different languages while keeping the same voices.

🗣️ By leveraging AI voice cloning technology, CloneDub ensures that audio content is transformed without altering the original voice characteristics.

📁 Users can upload audio files, YouTube links, or audio links that are less than 15 minutes long for translation.

💬 CloneDub currently supports English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, German, Polish, and Portuguese as output languages.

🎧 The website includes an example of an English audio clip translated into Spanish, showcasing the quality of the translations.

📖 CloneDub’s website provides answers to frequently asked questions about translation capabilities, supported languages, and the accepted audio file formats.

⏳ Although the translation process duration is not specified, users can expect accurate translations.

📥 Users can download the translated audio or share it directly from the website.

👍 CloneDub is a practical tool that seamlessly translates audio content into different languages while preserving the original voices, allowing easy access and distribution of the translated files.

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