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Automated writing and editing assistant.

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Compose AI: Automate Your Writing with AI 🖋️

Compose AI is a handy Chrome extension that harnesses the power of AI to streamline your writing process for free! Here’s how it can revolutionize your writing workflow:

– Save time⏰: Decrease your typing efforts by 40%, giving you more time to focus on important tasks.
– Autocompletion and text generation✨: Effortlessly generate text with the help of AI suggestions for faster content creation.
– Sentence rephrasing✍️: Instantly rephrase sentences to enhance clarity and style.
– Edit with inspiration🌟: Draw inspiration from AI suggestions to quickly enhance and refine your writing.
– Natural language email generation📧: Create entire emails simply by providing natural language instructions.
– Personalized suggestions📝: Enjoy tailored writing suggestions that adapt to your unique writing style.
– Seamless integration🔌: Compose AI smoothly integrates with your favorite platforms and tools.
– Community support🤝: Gain access to communities, groups, and expert support for additional assistance.

Remember, Compose AI offers a complimentary forever version, while premium features are available for those seeking advanced functionality. 🆓💼

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