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Contextual code editor for generated pair-programming.

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🤖Generated by ChatGPT

Cursor: The AI-First Code Editor for Enhanced Productivity🚀

💡Designed for pair-programming, Cursor is an AI-powered code editor that revolutionizes the way software engineers work.

✨Key Features:
– Easy migration of favorite vscode extensions, themes, and keybindings with just one click🔌
– Local mode option prioritizes data privacy and security🔒
– Chat with projects to find tailored code solutions💬
– Ask about the codebase to save time and make accurate changes🔍
– Seamlessly browse documentation, code definitions, and files without leaving the editor📚

🧠AI-Powered Code Generation:
– Automatically generates low-level logic to keep developers focused and code changes effortless✍️
– Generates code from simple instructions and helps in bug spotting and fixing🐛🔧

🌍Gain Efficiency Worldwide:
– Praised by developers for improving coding efficiency and providing context-aware coding experience🌟
– Integration of GPT-4 technology for a game-changing experience, reducing time from idea to prototype⌛️

Experience the future of coding with Cursor and unlock your true potential!💻✨

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The AI you need, exactly when you need it.

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