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Verify with fact-checking & detecting generated images.

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Debunkd: Your AI-Powered Fact-Checking and Image Detection Tool

Debunkd is an innovative platform that harnesses the power of AI to empower users with the tools they need to verify the accuracy and authenticity of online information. With Debunkd, you can:

– **AI Fact Checker**: Instantly fact-check statements by cross-referencing them with credible sources, all in real-time⏳🤓
– **Reliable Sources**: Access trustworthy information to ensure the accuracy of the information you encounter✔️🔍
– **AI Image Detector**: Distinguish between AI-generated and human-made images by analyzing their properties, patterns, and metadata📷🔎
– **Trending News**: Verify news on platforms like Twitter and Reddit, preventing the spread of fake stories🕵️📰
– **Real vs. AI Images**: Differentiate between real photos and AI-generated images on platforms like Instagram📸🔍
– **Trustworthy Conversations**: Ensure the information received from platforms like ChatGPT is accurate and trustworthy💬✔️

Debunkd allows you to fact-check information by entering it into the platform, which then cross-checks it with reputable internet sources, providing you with a comprehensive and reliable result. With the image detection feature, you can upload or link an image to determine its authenticity.

Combat misinformation and promote critical thinking with Debunkd. Start fact-checking today!✅🔍🎉

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