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Stream Deck plugin: Q&A and text processing.

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🤖Generated by ChatGPT

DeckAssistant is a Stream Deck plugin that integrates with an AI assistant, allowing users to interact with it through their Stream Deck. Users can:

  • Select text in any application, press a button, and let the AI process the text.
  • Ask the AI a question directly using the freeform prompt feature.

The AI assistant, ChatGPT, comes with several enhanced features:

  • Folder organization
  • Custom prompts
  • Message editing
  • History search
  • Data export

DeckAssistant is compatible with macOS 11+ Intel and Apple Silicon. To get started, users need to:

  1. Create an account and obtain the API token from the dashboard.
  2. Install the Stream Deck plugin.
  3. Add a button and paste the API token to activate the AI.

Users can customize prompt buttons by giving them a title, changing their icon, and typing in or selecting a prompt example. They can also subscribe for updates on the website or follow the creator, Martijn Smit, on Twitter. Overall, DeckAssistant simplifies AI interaction for Stream Deck users, offering convenient text processing and question-asking capabilities.

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