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Lead qualification, automated data enrichment, cleaning.

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Double: Automating Data Entry Tasks with AI

Double is an innovative artificial intelligence tool that simplifies and streamlines tedious data entry tasks, making lead management a breeze. Powered by GPT, Double combines the power of AI with internet research to provide accurate information and insightful answers.

🔍 Key Features:
– Find LinkedIn profiles from a list of names
– Qualify leads based on location, job title, and more
– Scrape website text for data extraction
– Identify Bloomberg tickers for companies
– Categorize companies by industry
– Determine the location of a company
– Clean up and qualify leads by job title

🎯 Benefits:
– Saves time and effort in lead research and qualification
– Identifies and corrects corrupt names (e.g., José McDonald)
– Enhances email campaign success by cleaning up names
– Pricing plans available for different team sizes
– Custom AI instructions and support options
– Tailored enterprise solutions for large-scale integration needs

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