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Quizzes for evaluating concept understanding

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Introducing Explainia: Simplifying Complex Concepts Made Easy

πŸ€” Looking to understand complex ideas? πŸ“š
πŸ’‘ Welcome to Explainia, an AI-powered concept explainer tool that brings clarity to complex ideas! πŸš€

βœ… User-friendly approach
βœ… Pre-built prompts for easy self-hosting

Choose a concept from various fields:
– Scientific theories πŸ§ͺ
– Historical events πŸ“œ
– Philosophical ideas πŸ’­

πŸ” Explore concepts with carefully crafted frameworks:
✨ The Feynman Technique: Simplify ideas in simple terms
⚑️ 5 Levels of Difficulty: Challenge yourself at different levels
🌍 4MAT System: Comprehensive understanding from four perspectives
πŸ”— Analogies and Metaphors: Connect new concepts to familiar ones
❓ The 5 Whys Technique: Uncover underlying principles
πŸ” Socratic Questioning: Foster deeper understanding

⭐️ Features:
– Quiz and evaluation component with AI-generated short-answer quiz
– Straightforward learning loop to reinforce knowledge

πŸ’Έ One-time payment for lifetime access
1️⃣ Purchase and download the original file
2️⃣ Sign in or create an account on typebot.io
3️⃣ Import the JSON file to your Typebot workspace
4️⃣ Configure OpenAI blocks with your OpenAI API Key

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