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The Fake Hacker News Tool: Previewing Submissions for Hacker News

The Fake Hacker News tool offers users the opportunity to preview how their submissions might be received on the popular forum, Hacker News. By test running their posts, users can gauge potential reception and community feedback before actually submitting. Although the tool doesn’t provide precise metrics, it provides valuable insights into how a post may fare among readers. Key features include:

🔍 Preview feature to gauge potential engagement and response.
🔮 No exact numbers or specific metrics, but an overall understanding of reception.
🌐 Future plans to incorporate URL support for including web links in the test run.
👨‍💻 Created by Justin and Michael, contactable via their Twitter profiles, for inquiries and support.

Overall, this tool allows users to assess the reception of their hacker news submissions, focusing on feedback preview rather than specific analytics, making it an invaluable asset for optimizing engagement on Hacker News.

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