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Web meal planner for managing high blood pressure.

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Food for Blood Pressure: Personalized Meal Plans and Recommendations

Food for Blood Pressure is a web-based tool designed to help individuals manage their high blood pressure through personalized meal plans and recommendations. Here’s how it works:

– Users provide consent for the collection of personal and health-related data, such as age, weight, medication usage, chronic illnesses, dietary habits, and email address.
– The tool assesses the user’s current eating habits related to blood pressure.
– Recommendations for improvement are offered based on the information provided.
– Data collection is limited to the active session, with stringent security measures in place.
– Users have the right to access, modify, or delete their personal data during the current session.
– Consent can be withdrawn at any time by closing the active session.
– No personal information is stored or saved, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

To get started, users answer a series of questions about their age, gender, weight, physical activity level, blood pressure, medication usage, diet, snacking and beverage habits, and salt intake. This information is used to provide a personalized assessment of eating habits and create meal plans tailored to managing high blood pressure.


Food for Blood Pressure aims to empower users with the knowledge and resources to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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