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Introducing Ghostwriter: The AI Pair Programmer 🤖

Ghostwriter, powered by Replit, is an innovative AI tool that revolutionizes coding. This cutting-edge technology empowers developers to produce superior code faster than ever before, while maintaining their creative flow. Here’s what Ghostwriter offers:

– AI-generated functions and files
– Code block suggestions and autocompletion
– Code refactoring and transformation
– Clear and concise explanations
– Website styling capabilities
– Fresh coding approaches and feature ideas

Ghostwriter stands out with its speed, boasting an impressive average response time of just 500ms ⚡. Compatible with a wide range of programming languages including Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and more, Ghostwriter is trusted by developers worldwide 🌍. It excels in accuracy and its ability to anticipate developers’ needs, making it the go-to tool for turning ideas into reality in seconds ⏱️.

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