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Spreadsheet function for semantic text matching.

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Introducing Goodlookup: The Smart Function for Spreadsheet Users

Goodlookup, a unique tool powered by the combination of GPT-3 and Fuzzy Matching, is designed to enhance the workflow of spreadsheet users. 🧩

– Unlike traditional fuzzy matching, Goodlookup considers similarities beyond mere string comparison, enabling semantic understanding.
– Its main application lies in accelerating topic clustering tasks within Google Sheets.
– Comparable to popular spreadsheet functions like VLOOKUP or INDEX MATCH, Goodlookup offers advanced text-to-text record linking capabilities.
– It can identify semantic relationships, synonyms, and cultural similarities within text strings, mimicking human comprehension. 🤝📚💡

Subscription-based pricing for Goodlookup is affordable, at just $15 per year.

– Annual subscription ensures access to this powerful tool.
– Particularly beneficial for users dealing with varied data sources and inconsistent naming conventions.

Goodlookup complements fuzzy matching, providing an additional layer of semantic understanding to improve text data matching. 💪

Try Goodlookup today and streamline your data operations effortlessly.

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