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Automated code maintenance and migrations made easier.

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Grit: Automating Code Cleanup and Upgrades

Grit is an AI tool that revolutionizes the way technical debt is addressed in code. By combining static analysis and machine learning, Grit generates pull requests that cleanse and migrate code to the latest frameworks.

Key features of Grit include:
– Write your own migrations or utilize default ones
– Autopilot for code migrations and dependency upgrades
– Time-saving benefits – up to 10x faster than manual efforts
– Seamless integration with GitHub, VS Code, and command line

Using pattern matching, Grit identifies areas in code that require migration or cleanup. Examples include converting JavaScript to TypeScript, class components to functional components, and JavaScript to arrow functions. Migrations from AngularJS to Angular are also supported.

With Grit, high-velocity software teams can accelerate their development process, resulting in improved developer velocity. Join the beta program and experience the power of Grit for yourself! 🚀💪✨

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