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Generated handwritten cards for personalized messages.

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🤖Generated by ChatGPT

Handwrytten: Automate Personalized Messages with Handwritten Notes

Handwrytten is an online handwritten notes service that uses AI technology to help businesses and individuals send personalized messages. With Handwrytten, you can automate the process of sending thank-you cards and birthday cards, making it easier to connect with your audience.

Features and Integrations:
– Seamless integration with popular tools such as CDK, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more
– API documentation for easy integration with other systems
– Handwriting technology that allows for scalable handwritten outreach
– Market solutions for auto dealers, real estate agents, political campaigns, and nonprofit organizations
– Tutorials and resources to help you get started

Pricing and Options:
– Handwrytten cards start at $3.25
– Variety of card designs and handwriting styles to personalize your messages
– Gift cards available for added convenience

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