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Monitored website uptime, performance, and issues.

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Hexometer: Protect and Grow Your eCommerce Business

Hexometer is an AI sidekick πŸ€– that tirelessly works 24/7 to safeguard and enhance your eCommerce business. Here’s what Hexometer brings to the table:

– **Comprehensive Monitoring**: Hexometer monitors websites and key services for uptime, performance, user experience, broken pages, errors, SEO, and config issues.
– **Instant Notifications**: Get notified via email πŸ“§, SMS πŸ“±, Slack πŸ“’, Telegram πŸ“‘, or Trello πŸ“Œ whenever issues are detected.
– **Cloud-Based Solution**: No need for installations or code changes.
– **Agency-Friendly**: Hexometer supports agencies with multi-client dashboards, scalability, and white-labeling of SEO and performance audits.
– **Flexible Monitoring**: Choose between standard monitors to track uptime and response time, or advanced monitors for keyword, page speed, or transaction monitoring.
– **UX Monitoring**: Check pages for spelling errors, grammar mistakes, visual bugs, and mobile-friendliness.
– **Performance Monitoring**: Analyze page load speed and receive actionable insights for performance improvements.
– **Health Monitoring**: Detect broken links, server errors, JS errors, missing images, and more.
– **Trusted and Compatible**: Over 20,000 businesses rely on Hexometer, which supports over 100+ platforms.

With Hexometer, your eCommerce business is in capable hands! πŸš€

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The AI you need, exactly when you need it.

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