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Screening job candidates and messaging on LinkedIn.

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HirePeople: 🕒 Save Time and 🚀 Increase Efficiency in Recruiting

🔗HirePeople is a Chrome extension designed to assist recruiters in maximizing their outreach efforts. This tool simplifies the process of sending personalized LinkedIn invitations by tailoring outreach messages based on candidates’ LinkedIn profiles.

✉️With language, tone, and relationship level selections, recruiters can create engaging messages that resonate with candidates’ personalities, increasing positive response rates.

💭Choose between a professional or witty tone of voice to add a personal touch and enhance outreach efforts.

⭐️Customers have given HirePeople rave reviews, highlighting its time-saving benefits and its ability to attract highly qualified candidates. The tool has reduced time-to-hire by 30% and enables recruiters to craft tailored invitations, eliminating the use of generic, ineffective messages.

💼In summary, HirePeople is an essential tool for streamlining the recruitment process, meeting recruitment needs more effectively, and maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

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