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Scalable voice-based bot for no-hassle interviewing.

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Hirex.ai: Transforming Recruitment with AI

Hirex.ai is a revolutionary no-code AI platform that empowers businesses to streamline their recruitment process with voice-based bots. Here’s why you should choose Hirex.ai:

โœ… Conduct and score interviews at scale
– Build voice-based bots for interviews
– Offers coding interviews, MCQ tests, video interviews, and more

โœ… Increase productivity with minimal human intervention
– Conduct over 10,000 interviews in a day

โœ… Address recruitment bottlenecks
– Overcome resource limitations
– Eliminate skill requirement misunderstandings
– Ensure consistent selection criteria
– Eliminate interviewer bias

โœ… AI-enabled talent management solutions
– Resume parsing and search
– Proctored coding and MCQ assessments with AI
– Remote interviews
– ATS automation

โœ… Trusted by enterprises and startups
– Featured in Times of India, BusinessLine, Telangana Today, and IndianWeb2
– Awarded the “Most Promising Startup”

โœ… Seamless integration and API support
– Connects with popular tools like Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, and more
– RESTful API support for HCM/HRIS integration

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The AI you need, exactly when you need it.

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