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Optimized content marketing strategy.

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KeyWI: An AI-Powered Content Marketing Tool

πŸš€ KeyWI is an AI-powered content marketing tool designed to **boost search engine rankings** and **drive more visitors** to your website.

πŸ’‘ Features of KeyWI include:
– New content ideas
– Auto-generated briefings
– Content improvements
– SEO optimization suggestions

πŸ” KeyWI also offers functionality for:
– Monitoring keyword and page performance
– Competitor analysis

🎯 KeyWI is perfect for:
– In-house and freelance copywriters
– Marketing teams
– Digital agencies

πŸ’ͺ With KeyWI, copywriters can expect:
– Better briefing guidelines
– Faster content generation with AI support

πŸ“ˆ For marketing teams, KeyWI helps with:
– Content strategy
– Content ideas
– Planning and performance tracking

🏒 Digital agencies benefit from:
– Speeding up SEO research
– Tracking progress through an intuitive dashboard

⏰ KeyWI automates research and planning, allowing businesses to start creating content that ranks high right away.

πŸ’‘ Other KeyWI features include:
– Insights on content performance
– ROI measurement

πŸ‘₯ Trusted by marketing teams at:
– Informer
– Leaseplan
– Sumting
– Wauw Digital Marketing

πŸ’° KeyWI offers three pricing plans and custom solutions. It is user-friendly, with customer support and a help center. 😊

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