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Generated color palettes for designers.

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πŸ€–Generated by ChatGPT

Khroma: AI-powered Color Tool for Designers

Khroma, 🎨 an AI-powered color tool, πŸ–ŒοΈ caters to designers by offering an efficient way to discover and save appealing color combinations and palettes. πŸ’‘ With a personalized algorithm, Khroma learns user preferences, resulting in limitless palettes generated in real-time, right in the browser. πŸ’»

Key features include:
– 🎯 Set preferences by training the algorithm with favored colors and filtering out undesired ones.
– 🌈 Unlimited color combinations presented as typography, gradients, palettes, or custom images.
– πŸ‘€ Draw inspirations from Khroma’s comprehensive database of thousands of popular human-made palettes.
– πŸ” Advanced search and filtering options for different hue, tint, value, color, hex, and RGB values.
– πŸ’Ύ Save favorite combinations in a limitless library with access to color names, hexcodes, RGB values, CSS codes, and WCAG accessibility ratings.

Follow our β˜‘οΈ Khroma Instagram page for curated inspiration showcasing the work of Lucie Bajgart. With Khroma, designers can effortlessly generate personalized, powerful color combinations in minutes. ⏰✨

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