Koxy AI

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Serverless back-end creation made efficient.

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Koxy AI: Simplifying Back-End Development for Front-End Developers

– 🧩 No-code platform for front-end developers
– πŸ”’ Secure and scalable serverless back-end
– πŸ–±οΈ Drag-and-drop API Builder
– πŸ“š Comprehensive documentation resource
– πŸ“Š JSON-based database with unlimited storage and fast queries
– 🌍 Global edge cloud infrastructure for low latency and no downtime
– 🐞 Smart error handling and live logs for easy debugging
– πŸ€– Access to over 80,000 AI models for dynamic functionalities

Koxy AI is a revolutionary platform that enables front-end developers to build a robust back-end without any coding or server configuration. With its drag-and-drop API Builder, developers can create APIs visually, making the process simple and efficient. The platform also offers a powerful JSON-based database, providing unlimited storage capacity and support for relational data.

To ensure optimal performance, Koxy AI operates on a global edge cloud infrastructure with 35 regions worldwide, guaranteeing low latency and no downtime for API requests. The platform’s smart error handling and live logs facilitate easy debugging and monitoring of the back-end.

Moreover, Koxy AI gives developers access to a vast collection of more than 80,000 AI models, allowing seamless integration of intelligent and dynamic functionalities into their applications.

In summary, Koxy AI equips front-end developers with all the necessary tools and features to streamline the back-end development process, enabling them to focus on creating functional and innovative applications.

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