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Automated business processes for increased productivity.

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Lasso AI Automations: Simplify Operations with Robotic Process Automation

Lasso AI Automations is a powerful tool that leverages GPT3 guided Computer Vision for Chrome to automate business processes. Here’s what sets Lasso apart:

⚙️ Robust capabilities: Lasso can automate anything, making it versatile for various industries and tasks.
⏱️ Save time and increase efficiency: By automating operations, Lasso helps companies save time, reduce errors, and boost overall productivity.
💼 Automation solutions for different areas: Finance, operations, sales/marketing, testing and QA.
💰 Finance automation: Automate payment processing, invoice matching, financial report generation, and seamless bank integration with popular software.
📦 Inventory management: Use Lasso to automate tracking with integrations like NetSuite, Fishbowl, and Zoho Inventory.
💌 Streamline email communications: Lasso enables automatic email responses, filing of attachments, and note-taking to minimize errors and ensure smooth communication.

Lasso provides both attended and unattended bots to cater to individual needs. With Lasso, you can automate processes in days rather than months and at a fraction of the cost of traditional RPA software. It’s the comprehensive solution that businesses need to streamline operations, reduce errors, and improve productivity.

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