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Website support and search engine for customers.

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Introducing ChatGPT: The AI Tool for Enhanced Website Interaction

☑️ ChatGPT, powered by Letterdrop, is an AI tool that enhances website interaction, allowing visitors to ask questions and receive helpful answers based on your website’s content.

☑️ With Semantic Search technology, ChatGPT understands user queries and provides quick and accurate information retrieval, supporting any topic covered on your site.

☑️ By using plain language, ChatGPT acts as a complementary search widget, improving the search experience and engaging potential customers.

☑️ It significantly boosts productivity by assisting marketing and support teams to swiftly respond to customer inquiries with relevant content.

☑️ With free limited service, allowing up to 20 queries per hour, ChatGPT also offers paid accounts for additional benefits, including ongoing indexing of new content for up-to-date responses.

☑️ Utilize Letterdrop’s Slack integration to seamlessly collaborate with team members, inquire about content, and receive real-time responses.

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