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Windows predictive typing with context-based spelling.

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Lightkey: Boost Your Typing Efficiency

Lightkey is a powerful predictive typing software that utilizes AI and deep learning algorithms to enhance typing speed and accuracy on Windows desktop applications. With support for more than 85 languages, Lightkey brings a host of dynamic features to streamline your typing experience.

Key features:

– Inline text prediction
– Contextual spelling correction
– Multi-word prediction

Lightkey can be seamlessly integrated into popular applications such as Microsoft Word, Office, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, offering predictive text assistance wherever you need it. Moreover, this versatile tool aids you in composing emails, collaborating on projects, engaging in social media discussions, and more.

Why choose Lightkey:

– Trusted in over 170 countries
– Perfect for professional typists, individuals with disabilities, and those requiring DSA support
– Free edition available
– Pro edition offers unlimited predictions and advanced features

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