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SEO optimized internal linking for WordPress articles.

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Link Whisper: The Smart Internal Linking Tool for SEO Optimization

Link Whisper, powered by artificial intelligence, is an innovative tool designed to enhance your SEO strategy by suggesting relevant internal links as you write your articles within the WordPress editor. Here’s why you should consider using it:

– Dozens of internal link suggestions generated by the tool from your existing content
– Easily implement internal links with a simple checkbox and save
– Identify and add internal links to “orphan” content without any existing links
– “Auto-Linking” feature for automatic link building using target keywords
– Comprehensive link reporting for an overview of your site’s internal and external links
– Find and fix broken links quickly and efficiently
– Enhance internal linking by incorporating target SEO keywords
– Connect multiple sites to share link suggestions, especially useful for similar niches
– Integration with Google Search Console for traffic data optimization

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