Luma AI

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Generated 3D graphics.

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🤖Generated by ChatGPT

Luma AI: Unleash your Creativity with AI-powered 3D Experiences

✨ Luma AI is an innovative app that empowers users to bring lifelike 3D experiences to life using the power of AI.

✨ Capture stunning 3D scenes, objects, and landscapes without specialized equipment.

✨ 4.5-star rated app with over 664 enthusiastic reviews.

✨ Perfect for product marketers, content creators, and enthusiasts.

✨ Effortlessly capture intricate details, reflections, and lighting for scenes that feel real.

✨ Revolutionize online shopping by showcasing products in their true 3D form.

✨ Game developers and 3D enthusiasts can capture game assets in unprecedented quality.

✨ Latest version includes faster capture experience, track remaining free renders, and dark mode.

✨ Join the community on the active Discord channel for sharing experiences and seeking assistance.

🔒 Privacy and data security are a priority with transparent practices outlined in the privacy policy.

✨ Unlock a new dimension of creativity with Luma AI.

📲 Download Luma AI today and join the growing community of AI-powered 3D capture users.

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