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Automated analysis of road infrastructure using ML.

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Maintain-AI: Automating Road Infrastructure Performance

Maintain-AI is an 🤖 AI tool that revolutionizes road network maintenance by automating inspection, analysis, and reporting. With computer vision and machine learning, it detects defect types and severity, evaluates infrastructure elements, and aggregates data from road network images.

📊 Benefits of Maintain-AI:
– Reduces maintenance costs
– Provides faster and more affordable data collection
– Enables informed decisions for road asset professionals
– Improves objectivity and consistency in road inspections
– Optimizes funding allocation and communication
– Enhances overall pavement network management
– Complements existing systems

Maintain-AI’s philosophy is centered around the belief that “Good Roads Should Cost Less.” It commits to partnering with like-minded organizations to support continuous improvement in infrastructure and transport sectors. Get on board with Maintain-AI to streamline and optimize how we inspect, analyze, and manage our crucial road assets. 🛣️💪

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