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Automated workplace chatbot enhances productivity.

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Introducing Mano AI: Boosting Productivity with AI Automation

🚀 *Google Chrome Plugin – ChatGPT Integration for Your Workplace*

Mano AI, a cutting-edge Google Chrome plugin, brings the power of ChatGPT directly into your workplace. With a focus on streamlining work processes and enhancing productivity, Mano AI automates various tasks, transforming the way you work.

⏰ *Save Time with One-Click Actions*

– Explain complex topics
– Summarize long articles
– Ask questions about any text – all with just one click from Mano’s popup.

🔧 *Automate Tasks with Expertly Curated Agents*

– Travel Guide
– Prompt Generator

⚡️ *Seamlessly Bring in Context*

Select text from your window to quickly and effortlessly access relevant information, eliminating the need for tab switching or copying and pasting.

✨ *Boost Productivity with Unique Features*

– Reuse favorite prompts with bookmarks
– Open Mano in a dedicated tab for enhanced focus

👥 *Flexible Pricing Plans for Every Need*

– Free plan with limited features
– Starter and ultimate plans for unlimited Chats, Questions, and Agents
– Team pricing option with advanced features like embedded Agents, team sharing, admin controls, and API deployments.

With Mano AI, harness the power of AI automation to streamline workflows, save time, and supercharge productivity in your workplace. 🤖💼

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The AI you need, exactly when you need it.

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