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Introducing Mesh: Revolutionizing Candidate Screening with AI and Text Messages

πŸ€– Mesh is an AI tool designed to simplify and optimize the candidate screening process for job roles through text messages.

πŸ“‹ Users can simply paste job descriptions and define optional interview questions, and Mesh takes care of the rest, automating the entire interview process from start to finish.

πŸ’¬ But that’s not all! Mesh goes the extra mile by providing insights and recommendations based on the candidate’s performance, generating a conversation log and scoring them on factors like experience, friendliness, and level of interest.

βœ… Recruiters can then make informed decisions and identify the most suitable candidates, thanks to Mesh’s comprehensive evaluation capabilities.

πŸ“ Mesh also offers additional features such as creating or importing job postings, importing candidate profiles from LinkedIn, and conducting various types of interviews to assess company culture, case studies, and coding/system design skills.

πŸ” Additionally, the tool provides analysis of candidate performance and suggestions to improve the screening process, aiming to expedite candidate selection and enable recruiters to find exceptional talent more efficiently.

πŸ“² Say goodbye to time-consuming phone calls and embrace Mesh for a streamlined and data-driven screening experience.

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