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Generated 3D game assets with textured models.

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🤖Generated by ChatGPT

Introducing Meshy: Revolutionizing 3D Content Creation with AI

Meshy is a cutting-edge 3D generative AI production suite designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of 3D game asset creation. Here’s what makes Meshy stand out:

– Generate high-poly 3D models using **text prompts** or 2D concept art with the AI texturing tool.
– Craft 3D models effortlessly with the AI modeling tool using **reference images or text prompts**, eliminating the need for complex sculpting tools.
– **Text to 3D** feature enables non-3D experienced creators to create 3D models in two minutes using only text input.
– **Lightning-fast texture generation** in three simple steps using the AI texturing tool: join Discord, enter “/skin” in the “text-to-texture” channel, upload your model, and describe your vision.
– Similarly, generate 3D models in three easy steps using the text to 3D tool.
– Meshy’s mission is to automate the entire 3D production pipeline with generative AI, empowering game developers and creatives worldwide.

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