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Building apps using MindsDB's development platform.

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**MindsDB: Empowering AI Application Development in the Cloud**

🌐 *AI development made easy*: MindsDB is an AI development cloud platform that enables development teams to quickly build AI-powered applications at scale.

☁️ *Flexible deployment options*: With dedicated cloud servers and AWS Marketplace compatibility, MindsDB offers versatile deployment options to suit your needs.

🔗 *Seamless integration*: MindsDB supports over 100 data sources and allows users to select the most suitable large language models (LLMs) for their use cases.

🏢🔍 *Harness existing skills*: MindsDB abstracts AI models as virtual tables (AI-Tables) on enterprise databases, allowing development teams to leverage their existing skills for AI-powered application development.

💻 *Wide language support*: MindsDB supports SQL, Python, JS, MongoQL, and offers functionalities for understanding, summarizing, generating, and predicting text, among others.

🚀 *Featured apps and tools*: Explore MindsDB’s AI-powered progressive web app for news delivery, pair programming tool, and project management tool for automated task allotment and sentiment tracking.

📚🤝 *Comprehensive support*: MindsDB provides comprehensive documentation, an active GitHub repository, and a vibrant community of developers for assistance and collaboration.

💪 *Strong partnerships*: As a member of the Intel® Partner Alliance and integration with Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit, MindsDB offers enhanced capabilities. Additionally, it supports major cloud service providers.

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