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Music composition using neural networks.

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MuseNet: AI for Musical Composition

MuseNet, developed by OpenAI, is a powerful deep neural network that leverages GPT-2’s unsupervised technology to create impressive 4-minute compositions. Equipped with up to 10 instruments, MuseNet seamlessly blends diverse genres like country, classical and rock, allowing for unique musical pieces.

How does it work?
– The model is trained on sequential data, focusing on predicting the next note based on a given set of notes.
– Chordwise encoding is employed wherein each combination of simultaneous notes is categorized as an individual ‘chord,’ assigned a corresponding token.
– It also utilizes composer and instrumentation tokens, offering enhanced control over the generated outputs.
– MuseNet excels at producing music that harmoniously merges various styles and instruments, all while retaining long-term structure within compositions.

Training Data:
– MuseNet’s training dataset is a collection from esteemed sources such as Classical Archives, BitMidi, and the MAESTRO dataset.


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