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Efficient visual note-taking and organization

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NeuralBox by NeuralCam is a πŸ“± mobile app that serves as a visual second brain, allowing users to remember and organize various types of information using photos and AI. With NeuralBox, users can easily capture and store photos of anything they find interesting or useful:

– 🧾 Receipts
– πŸ“„ Documents
– πŸ“Έ Screenshots
– πŸ‘• Clothing
– πŸ“¦ Product packaging

The app offers efficient storage and state-of-the-art AI search capabilities, enabling users to effortlessly find everything later when needed. Some notable features of NeuralBox include:

– πŸ” AI image and OCR search: Search for specific objects or text within images using simple descriptions.
– 🌈 Image similarity browsing: Find visually similar images based on color, texture, and shape.

NeuralBox provides efficient on-device and cloud storage for photos, freeing up space in your main photo gallery. The app offers a free version with limited features and a paid version, NeuralBox Plus, which provides unlimited photos, cloud storage, document scanning mode, and synchronization across multiple devices.

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