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Video news summaries with balanced perspectives.

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Nüz: Personalized Video News Platform

Nüz, developed by OneSub, is a revolutionary app that keeps users informed with insightful and balanced video summaries of the day’s news. Here’s why you should check it out:

– 📺 Personalized: Nüz delivers short, informative video stories tailored for each user’s interests.
– 📰 Unbiased: An AI trained to understand journalistic bias compiles information from reputable news sources worldwide.
– 🚫 No Clutter: No need to go through multiple sources or read long articles – Nüz does the work for you.
– 🆓 Ad-Free and Privacy-Focused: Nüz is free to install, contains no ads, cookies, or trackers, and does not sell users’ data.
– ⏱️ Time-Saving: Perfect for busy individuals who want to stay informed without spending hours reading the news.
– 💻 User-Friendly: Nüz features a sleek design and is regularly updated with the latest news.
– 👥 Transparent and Engaging: The small team behind Nüz welcomes feedback from users to continually improve the app.

Stay informed effortlessly with Nüz – the future of news consumption!

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