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Generating high-quality TTS voices for any use case.

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Introducing Descript’s Overdub: Create High-Quality TTS Models with Realistic Voices

Descript’s Overdub is an amazing tool that lets you generate natural-sounding text-to-speech models. Here’s what you need to know about this innovative feature:

✨ Create TTS models of your own voice or choose from a variety of stock human voices to suit your needs.
✨ Powered by Lyrebird AI, Overdub delivers state-of-the-art voice synthesis for a lifelike voice experience.
✨ Best part? Overdub is completely free for all Descript accounts. Pro accounts enjoy unlimited Overdub vocabulary.
🎧 Overdub seamlessly integrates with Descript’s collaborative audio/video editor, enhancing your workflow.
🎙️ Generate audio using multiple voices and invite trusted collaborators to use your Overdub Voice.
✏️ Correct recordings effortlessly by simply typing missing words – no need to re-record the entire track.
📽️ Enhance your videos with high-quality pre-recorded stock voices for professional voiceovers.
🌟 Overdub is a privacy-first tool that offers a realistic voice cloning service, perfect for podcasting and screen recording.

Experience the power of Descript’s Overdub and take your voiceovers to the next level!

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