Parsers VC

Short description

Assisted company info search and trend prediction.

Long description

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The Tool Offered by Parsers VC

The tool provided by Parsers VC is designed to help users find information on any company. The tool offers the following features:

– Search for startup funding rounds 📊
– Find active venture capitalists (VCs) 🤝
– Access information on investments 💰
– Search for company valuation 📈
– Find LinkedIn profiles and email addresses of the team, founders, and partners ✉️

Accessing the Tool

This information can be accessed through the dashboard, VC firms, and startups tabs. Parsers VC also offers an API and an active blog. One interesting feature is their Predictive Investments AI tool that predicts funding rounds based on startup or VC website.

User Experience and Data

The tool is user-friendly, with an easy-to-navigate interface, and the data is regularly updated. Parsers VC claims to have a vast and constantly growing database of companies. However, it is unclear what sources are used to collect and verify the data.

Pricing and Access

The pricing for using Parsers VC is not mentioned. However, the tool does offer a “Sign-up” and “Log In” option, suggesting that registration may be required for full access.

Overall, Parsers VC provides a useful tool for those seeking information on companies and tracking investment trends in startups and VCs.

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