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Developed mobile apps for specialized sectors.

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Passio AI is a 🌟Visual AI-as-a-Service platform🌟 for enterprise businesses that provides easy-to-use SDKs to reach millions of users who use Passio every day to enhance their health, fitness, homes, and businesses with Artificial Intelligence.

✨ The Mobile AI platform offers end-to-end development of AI-powered applications enabling businesses to add computer vision and AI-powered experiences to their apps.
✨ The platform also offers modules for vertical-specific computer vision, such as Nutrition AI and Paints AI, allowing businesses to transform their applications with 📸 real-time on-device computer vision and 🤖 AI-driven user experiences.
✨ Passio AI’s Mobile AI Platform is designed to be customizable to meet the needs of individual businesses and their customers. The platform’s EDGE-AI technology enables companies to add vertical-specific computer vision and build AI-driven 🛍️ sales and 💡 UX experiences.
✨ Passio AI’s SDKs are available for iOS and Android, and the taxonomy feature allows businesses to define the classes they wish to recognize and structure their data 📚 taxonomy.
✨ The platform also has a fully integrated mobile data collection app that collects and curates image data, trains AI models, and evaluates the AI’s performance.

Passio AI’s clients include:
🔸 Jazeera Paints
🔸 Simple Life
🔸 MyFitnessPal

Overall, Passio AI offers a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses to enhance their applications with AI-driven experiences, tailored for their specific needs.

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