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E-commerce design with image editing.

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Introducing Pixelcut: Simplifying Design for Ecommerce

Pixelcut is an online design tool utilizing AI 🖥️ to help users effortlessly create stunning product photos, ads, and visual content for online stores. Here’s why you’ll love it:

✂️ Background Removal: Easily remove backgrounds or erase objects from images to create professional-looking visuals.

🎨 Thousands of Templates: Choose from a vast selection of templates to convert viewers into customers.

📷 Image Upscaler: Enhance image quality with the image upscaler feature.

✨ Magic Eraser: Edit photos quickly and effortlessly with the magic eraser.

💡 Virtual Studio: Create ten times more product photos without travel or professional equipment.

🔌 API Integration: Utilize Pixelcut’s API to enhance your own products or services.

Pixelcut simplifies the process of designing product photos and ads for ecommerce businesses. With AI-powered editing tools, create visually appealing content with minimal effort or professional photography skills. Perfect for website, social media, or online stores.

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